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FINAL Wildfire News Update - June 18, 2014

The "Slide" Wildfire is now 100% Contained!

In in the initial days of the fire beginning on May 29th, much of the news coverage about the so called "Slide Fire" north of Sedona was often times highly exaggerated and sensationalized. Since then we have been maintaining this information page for our guests to put things into perspective for arriving guests who may have concerns.

The wildfire was roughly between 11 and 17 miles north from us on the west side of Oak Creek Canyon.

As of June 4th,  fire officials reported that the fire was 100% Contained.   Their upadate today reports:

 "The Slide Fire (located in Oak Creek Canyon and began May 20) was fully contained June 4, but is still smoldering in areas of West Fork, as expected.  There may be times when smoke will be visible if a small pocket of unburned area in West Fork ignites.  This too is to be expected and not unusual."

Has the Sedona Red Rock country been affected?

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  • Trailhead sign near Canyon Villa BB in Sedona

Sedona and the Red Rock district was NOT in direct danger from this fire. 

Further north in Oak Creek Canyon, Slide Rock State Park is again open although the swim area may remain closed a bit longer,.  Several miles of St Rt 89A of Oak Creek Canyon further northwere closed during the fire but as of yesterday is now completely open all the way to Flagstaff.   Wile damage to the pine forest will be obvious and severe in some areas, forest officials indicate that many areas are not nearly as damaged as one might expect and while affected, have retained much of their nature beauty as you can see from the images below.

The forest service has also povided a detailed fly-over video headed north from the switchbacks down to Slide Rock State park. You can view this video HERE.  The fire damage will be on your right during this video on the west side of the Canyon.  As you can see, from the video and photos within the video, much of Oak Creek Canyon's beauty has been saved thanks to the wonderful efforts of over 1,000 fire fighters.

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  • 10390500_717136841665726_2424679297415478324_n
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According o the Forest Service "As the fire progressed, fire managers introduced lower intensity ignition operations which consumed surface fuels in a controlled manner and served to mitigate additional fire effects."  A sample of this is in the popular West Fork Trail area as seen in the follwing three images below.  These are images you will most likely NOT see from the national news media as the prefer to show only the worst areas, especially when they are still burning.

  • 10330299_716416885071055_4796578848341167699_n
  • 10171000_716417178404359_8677164379626855686_n
  • 10390070_716417211737689_3413321778708923604_n

Exactly where was the "Slide" Wildfire?

  • 2014_05_29-

The wildfire was NOT in the immediate Red Rock area.  It is north of Sedona in Oak Creek Canyon.  It started on May 20th north of Slide Rock State Park which is over 11 miles from Canyon Villa Inn.  The fire then moved north up the west side of the canyon past the switchbacks onto the Mogollon rim It was kept inside of Forest Service Roads in an uninhabited part of the Coconino National Forest. Sedona is at the very bottom of the map, and our area, the Village of Oak Creek is too far south to even be shown on this map.

Were there any evacuations or damaged buildings?

There were NO Evacuations in Sedona or our area called the Village of Oak Creek (which is even further south from the wildfire area).  The only area evacuated was a northern  section of Oak Creek Canyon on St Rt 89A several miles north of Sedona.  However, even this evacuation was lifted some time ago with no reported damage to any of the 300 buildings that were at considered at risk at one time.

How big was the fire?

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The final affected burn area is now 100% contained at 21,227 acres. The fire crew is now down to just a light clen-up crew  While incorrectly reported by much of the national press, a large amount of this acreage was burned in a controlled manner by firefighters as a preventative procedure in an uninhabited area of the forest above the rim.  It is our understanding that this also helped keep the fire from moving northeast thus protecting a rural community south of Flagstaff. 

While 100% Contained, the fire may continue to smolder for a short period of time which is normal.  However, even the smoldering should should be completely extinguished very soon.  .  Feel free to return to this web page or contact us directly at 800-453-1166 for updated information.  You can also email us at canvilla@sedona.net.