Canyon Villa Bed & Breakfast Inn of Sedona
40 Canyon Circle Drive
Sedona, Arizona, AZ 86351, United States

Why stay at a Sedona Bed & Breakfast?

  • Canyon Villa Inn
  • Gardens looking east
  • courtyard walk

SMALLER can be better in so many ways! Most of the Bed and Breakfast Inns in Sedona are owned and operated by couples and individuals just like yourself.  At Canyon Villa, as owners we actually live in private quarters on the premises, leaving the rest of the Inn to be shared between you and the other guests.  Most likely when checking in our Sedona Bed and Breakfast, you'll be personally  greeted at the door by Les or Peg, the owners, or by one of our very friendly innkeeepers when we are not available. 

  • Canyon Villa facing the Red Rocks
  • Dining Room

Not just a hotel  "perk", but a key part of your stay. 
Most Sedona Bed and Breakfast's prepare a cooked pre-fix menu each morning, but options are always available at properties like Canyon Villa.  We accommodate all kinds of dietary preferences and restrictions including gluten free, lactose intolerant, vegetarian, and vegan to name a few.

  • Plated Cinnamon Rolls

Our signature Cinnamon Rolls are baked fresh every day of the week.  You will smell them baking as you wake and enter the dining room for your morning coffee.  At a Sedona Inn like Canyon Villa,  breakfast is at the heart of what we do and is so much more than just a complimentary ticket to a hotel restaurant.

  • Ocotillo Guestroom

and always with private baths!
The days of Bed and Breakfast's being strictly older homes that were converted into loding are somewhat in the past.  Canyon Villa was custom built as a Bed and Breakfast, and includes all the amenities of a modern hotel, including modern guestrooms and ceramic baths.

  • Canyon Villa Living Room

Make new friends or spend time alone
Sedona Inns provide opportunities to meet other folks from all over the country and world. Getting to know folks from Britain, Australia, China, and Japan is as common as visiting with neighbors from every state of the union. At Canyon Villa, we see our Living room as exactly that....a Living Room and not a Hotel Lobby. Relax and made yourself at home morning, noon, and night.

  • Afternoon Appetizers

At Canyon Villa, the 5PM Complimentary Appetizer Hour is always a hit. We vary things daily, but such offerings as home baked Spicy Almonds, bruschettas, and wonderful fresh cheese and fruit plates are common. 

  • Dining Room Counter

Evenings may bring Coffee, Tea, and cookies for after dinner snacks!  At Canyon Villa, like many Bed and Breakfast Inns, we make sure you come back from dinner to fresh baked cookies and fresh coffee or tea. Something to look forward to at the end of each day in Sedona.

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But without all the commotion!   Each Sedona Inn is different, and Bed and Breakfast's like Canyon Villa have a resort feel, complete with spacious pool areas and views of the beautiful Red Rocks of Sedona. Imagine coming back to your inn at the end of a day to a quiet pool and courtyard to relax in.

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Especially at Canyon Villa!  
Not all Sedona Bed and Breakfast Inns have the spectacular views that Canyon Villa has to offer, but depending upon their location you may find truly unique private views not always found in a large commercial hotel. It is fair to ask each Sedona Inn or Hotel exactly what you will see from your guestroom.